It has always been our goal to make beautiful antiques and quality furniture available and affordable to everyone.

We Start With Experience

And strive for expertise.

Years of Experience

Between all of us, we have decades of experience working with antiques and fine furniture. Our varied backgrounds include work in all sorts of peripheral businesses that give us a unique set of skills.

Ask Us Anything

No question is a dumb question! We want you to be the best informed about the pieces you buy and sell and are happy to help you.

Know It Alls? Nope.

We might know a lot of things but we don’t know it all! We’re always learning more and love a good research project.

We Focus on Quality

And know a good thing when we see it.

What We Look For

We want to fill the store with extraordinary things! Whether it’s a beautiful antique or a funky vintage piece, we want it to be in great condition so that it can go straight from our store to your home.

The Circa Standard

-We clean pieces as they come in.

-All upholstered pieces are sanitized.

-Necessary repairs are made.

-All parts work as intended.

-All inventory should be something that somebody would want, need or love!

Ensuring the Best Condition

While we would love if everything was perfect, sometimes it’s not! Old things gather rust, chips and patina and often that is part of their charm. If a piece is somehow imperfect, it will be noted on the price tag.

We Price Honestly

And will always be upfront about it.

How We Price

Our prices are often based upon what we’ve paid for a piece. We have a pretty good idea of our local market and try to price into a sweet spot that keeps everybody happy!

Great Things Within Reach

We want to make beautiful antiques, quality furniture and fabulous home decor affordable to everybody.

No Negotiation, No Hassle

All of our prices are firm. Seriously. A lot of shops offer a standard discount, but we find that offering honest, upfront prices from the start is the way to go.

Good For You, Good For Us

We want to make a profit (obviously) but it’s also important to us that you’re happy! Our priority is pricing things to move. Our quick turnover and constant churn of inventory is what keeps people coming back for more.

Surround Yourself With Wonders

Circa is the biggest and the best! We have the most floor space, the largest inventory, the quickest turnover of the best stuff and an incredible staff! We search out the fun and fabulous and hope to pass that on to you at affordable prices that are good for everybody all around.

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