Charlottesville's favorite spot for antiques, vintage decor and one-of-a-kind treasures.

Come explore our eclectic and ever changing inventory.

Browsing for the rare, the beautiful, and the unusual is as fun for us as we hope it is for you. We cater to the tastes of shoppers of all ages, interests, and eccentricities.

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Navigate the Floor

With over 10,000 square feet of inventory, three buildings and nine different doors you could wander the floor for hours and still never see it all.

Seek the Unique

We’re overflowing with stuff and there’s nothing cookie cutter about it! As you wind your way through the labyrinth, keep your eyes out for hidden gems.

Find Your Treasures

There’s nothing quite like finally finding that piece you’ve been searching for. Your grandmother’s silver pattern, the perfect armchair for next to the fireplace or the piece you didn’t even know you needed!

Each Piece Is Handpicked

Our employees spend time curating our stylish inventory.

Everyone who works at Circa is trained as a buyer. A glance around the store reflects each of their unique personalities. We try to only buy things we love, so our inventory runs from mid-century to traditional to industrial and everything in between.

Always Changing Inventory

There's always something new coming in the door.

We have very high turnover and new things coming in every day. Circa is a busy hive of activity with truckloads of treasure being unloaded each week.

Always Buying, Always Selling

We're Always on the Hunt For New Things!

As happy customers head home with their purchases, we keep buying to fill the holes in the store. We travel far and wide to buy at auctions, but much of our inventory is bought from locals who are moving, redecorating, downsizing or just ready for a change!

Make Your Home Your Own

Unique pieces add character to a space.

Anybody can buy a ready made room from the page of a catalog. Savvy Circa shoppers understand that their home is a reflection of their personality and a unique piece makes a statement. Fill your home with something special!

Fall In Love With Something That Will Stick Around

When you invest in quality, you know that it will last. Some things are meant to furnish your first home, and others are made to hand down to your grandchildren. We have both and will help you choose just the right thing!

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